This is the website of the Shouraizou study project, which ended April 2005. The project has been a tremendous succes.
The website is archived to give you an insight into the project. Please notice that most content will be outdated and not applicable anymore.
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Contract Research


One of the types of partnership we presented in the General Information section is the Contract Research. In this section we give an outline of the things that are related to the contract research. It starts with a brief definition of what we present as a contract research. Furthermore we give a description of what we think are the advantages for both partners to arrange such a contract research.
Tokyo monorail

What is a Contract Research?

A Contract Research is an assignment or project to be fullfilled by a student participant for a third party (which can be a company, institute, faculty etcetera) in a fixed amount of time (120 hours in principle). Results of the contract research will be published (if the third party agrees on that) in a report to be published after the tour to Japan.

Shouraizou has Electrical Engineering students available to work for your company (without being an employee). All students are at least finished with their second year of Electrical Engineering. This means that they are for example capable of:
  • Programming (at least C++, Java)
  • Solving problems by simulating mechanical and electrical designs
  • Designing, implementing and testing electrical circuits
  • Designing, implementing and testing control systems
  • Designing, implementing and testing mechatronical systems
  • Doing some studies on literature
  • ...

Besides their technical knowledge and skills they also have much analytical power, which makes them also capable of solving other non-technical problems. Of course they can also work on a non academic level.

In principle each students is available for 120 hours. Projects or assignments that take more time can be done by more students or other solutions can be found. The students can be seen as (Electrical Engineering) consultants.

If the assignment is well defined the student can fullfill his assignment by its own, so not much assistance from your company is needed. Of course communication between both parties is needed to stay in touch. Also the student can contact academic staff members of the University of Twente and a huge amount of literature is available at our university. This makes sure the student has all the options to provide your company with a quality job.
Honda Asimo Robot

Advantages of a Contract Research

For Shouraizou the advantages of doing contract researches may be clear. First of all we need the money to make our project a great success. But it's not just the money! For our student participants it's a unique possibility to get in touch with possible future employers and to see what's going on in the companies around.

We believe that the advantages for your companie are at least as great as our advantages! Take notice of the following advantages for your company:

  1. It's a cheap option to solve a problem, to design, simulate or implement your ideas.
  2. Let others look at your problem and find out that a new fresh look from an enthusiastic student gives you surprising solutions.
  3. The students is in the position to consult university staff members, who have a lot of experience and skills in the field of the assignment the student is working on.
  4. Your company gets the possiblility to get in touch with those university researchers.
  5. Very much literature is available for the students in order to find out great things for your company.
  6. Your company gets the opportunity to get in touch with possible future employees and to let them know what your company is doing.
  7. In the reports of the study project your company can present itself, by means of the summaries of the contract researches done by the students. The reports will also be sent to the companies we will visit in Japan and all the other partners of the project. The report will also be read by students who will not participate in our project. A unique opportunity the show your company to people who are really interested.

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