This is the website of the Shouraizou study project, which ended April 2005. The project has been a tremendous succes.
The website is archived to give you an insight into the project. Please notice that most content will be outdated and not applicable anymore.
Download the published reports ('Download Reports') or contact us ('Contact Information') for more information about Shouraizou.
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Photo Albums

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A lot of students are interested! Presentation

Introduction presentation for interested students 03/30/2004 11:08 AM
Erik Staijen Participants

The Shouraizou participants 03/30/2004 11:23 AM
The first signature Contract

The participants signing the Participant's Contract at the "Toko" (the committee's office) 03/30/2004 11:24 AM
Reaching for that high note Participants Borrel

The first participants borrel was April 6th. Getting to know the fellow participants was easy, using the all Japanese art of Karaoke. 04/06/2004 01:57 PM
Prof. Krabbendam captivates his audience Innovation lecture

An introduction on innovation by Prof. Krabbendam 04/21/2004 11:40 AM
Handouts, notes and... coffee! Macro/meso-research

An introduction on the macro/meso-research on Japan, given by Dr. S.J. de Boer. 05/13/2004 08:55 PM
Harald tells something about organisation of innovation Innovation presentations

A presentation of the assignments that were carried out to study the project's theme 'innovation'. 05/13/2004 08:56 PM
Joost is reading carefully Japanese course

An impression of a lesson in the Japanese course given by Marcel van den Elst. 06/11/2004 10:23 AM
Participants get feedback during their presentation. Macro-presentations

Presentation of the assignments that are part of the macro-analysis of Japan 09/24/2004 10:28 AM
FIRE! Japanese dinner

Participants get to know the Japanese kitchen at the local Japanese restaurant 'Kimono'. 09/24/2004 10:29 AM
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