About this website

This site is divided into three sections: Shouraizou, Students and Companies. The first section provides most of the basic information about the study project Shouraizou. The second one was particularly for (participating) students, but you can visit it to learn more of the work that was carried out by the students. Lastly, the section for companies indicate the opportunities Shouraizou had to offer Dutch and Japanese companies.

Although the project has already ended, we hope that the information on this website will be of interest to you. Particularly, you may consider visiting the report-download page. Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you have any questions, suggestions or remarks.
Japanese Child
We are very proud of what we have achieved with student participants, supervisors, board of recommendation, advisors and friends, companies, universities, institutes and other organizations both in the Netherlands and Japan. We thank them all, because the study projct Shouraizou is something we will never forget!

The Shouraizou committee
Bayan Babakhani
Siebe Berveling
Arjen Damstra
Johan Engelen
Erik Staijen
Roland Meijerink
Martin Wassink