This is the website of the Shouraizou study project, which ended April 2005. The project has been a tremendous succes.
The website is archived to give you an insight into the project. Please notice that most content will be outdated and not applicable anymore.
Download the published reports ('Download Reports') or contact us ('Contact Information') for more information about Shouraizou.
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University of Twente
University of Twente

University of Twente

The University of Twente in The Netherlands is a young and entrepreneurial research university. Founded in 1961 and situated in the eastern part of The Netherlands, the university offers education and research in a wide range of engineering, behavioural, medical and social sciences. The education programmes of the university Ė 20 Bachelor programmes and an even larger number of Masterís programmes Ė are acknowledged as the top of higher education in The Netherlands. The Electrical Engineering programme, for example, scored the highest rankings in recent polls among students and scientists. UTís unique campus offers a vast number of facilities to 7000 students and 2500 staff members, including modern research labs, fast internet connections, up to extensive sports facilities and student/staff houses.

In research, University of Twente has chosen a limited number of technology spearheads, in which the university wants to excel. UTís largest research institute is the MESA+ institute for nanotechnology, responsible for the largest Dutch nanotechnology programme. Other spearheads are information technology, biomedical technology and mechanics/processes/control. UTís research institutes aim at over 50 percent non-government funding and therefore closely cooperate with industrial partners.
The Hogekamp building ĎEntrepreneurialí is the keyword for the attitude the university is facing towards both education and research. The university was founded to become a key player in turning a post-industrial region into a truly knowledge-intensive one. UT is therefore always open for close relations towards society. The university actively stimulates entrepreneurship among students and staff, for example by offering them facilities for starting their own company. In research, UT is a partner for large companies, SMEís and government organizations. It participates in European and worldwide research projects.

In education, this entrepreneurial attitude means that UT is always in the forefront of introducing the newest educational concepts. In this way, a UT-student gets the best possible luggage for a career in industrial, scientific and other organizations.

For additional information, you can visit the websites:

University of Twente -
Department of Electrical Engineering -

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