RP Project Window and Goal

Project Window

The European Union has declared its ambition to become the most competitive and dynamic economy or the world. The government of the Netherlands wants the Netherlands to belong to the European top when it concerns higher education, research and innovation.
The situation regarding higher education, research and innovation in the Netherlands as well as in Europe is much of a paradox as a report of the Dutch ministry of Economics concludes. The higher education is of high quality, the research is excellent, but the number of Dutch (and European) products in which this knowledge is used is relatively low. This ratio seems much more favorable in Japan.

Aim of the Project

The purpose of the study project 'Shouraizou' is to obtain a better understanding of innovation, by looking at technological innovation in the Japanese society and industry and comparing this with the situation in the Dutch society and industry. The project's aim can be formulated as: to identify the most important factors that affect the level of technological innovation in Japan and the Netherlands.