Japanese course description

Japanese for starters - Irasshai 2004

The aim of this Japanese course is to prepare the participant on the Japanese society, the way they treat each other and the language, in order bridge the cultural gap between both cultures.

It will contain the following items:

- the Japanese syllabary Hiragana and Katakana
- introducing yourself and others
- counting and the Japanese way of counting
- using of date and time for meetings and traveling
- understanding of prices and to ask the cost of something
- telling and understanding Who What When with Whom does
- describing things and people
- asking and understanding questions
- and last but not least: some plain social talk (which is almost always good for a free beer!)

Much background information and personal experiences will be provided throughout the whole course. The grammar, pronunciation and phonetic syllabary will be provided in such a way that the 'ingurishu' (the Japanese pronunciation of English) can be understood. Even more, you will be able to speak the 'ingurishu' which increases the chance that Japanese people understand your English significantly!

Since Japanese language learning lends itself excellent for an analytical approach, also tools, tips and tricks for using Japanese on the Internet will be provided.